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Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certification

Elevate Your Healing Powers: Facilitate Breakthroughs, Reduce Stress, and Heal Clients Through Transformative Art Therapy

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Become Art Therapy Certified to Facilitate Lasting Healing

It’s every therapist & life coach’s dream to heal as many as possible – make that dream a reality today by becoming art therapy certified.

Inspiring Students Stories

Elsie Ward
2 Review
Feb 19, 2024

A very comprehensive course

Self-directed and impeccably organized—thanks for this fantastic course! It offered great insights into art coaching while respecting the time constraints of professionals. I was able to work through the course at my own pace and found every part of it engaging. I'm excited to try out some of the activities soon!

Savannah Moss
1 Review
Jan 17, 2024

Super easy to navigate!

Really easy to get around the program I signed up for! Whenever I had a question and reached out, they got back to me really fast!

Eleanor Rees
5 Review
Dec 12, 2023

Great learning

The course material was clear and easy to absorb, laying a solid groundwork in art therapy. It served as a great beginning to my ongoing educational journey, enriching my practice further.

Isabella Dean
1 Review
Feb 23, 2024

Totally loved this experience!

The courses I picked were incredible. Each time I finished one, I felt inspired to start another. Every course brings me closer to making my dreams a reality. I'm going to make a positive difference in people’s lives. I feel in tune with my spirit and understand my purpose, thanks to you. I'm forever thankful and blessed.

Expand Your Healing Toolkit & Elevate Your Practice

As aspiring healers or practitioners, we’ve all been there – trying to get through to our clients but nothing seems to be working. What if you had a new medium that allowed for deeper, non-filtered self-exploration?

Illuminate your clients’ inner selves and break barriers with science-backed art therapy.

By integrating art therapy into your practice, you give your clients the gift of healing through self-expression. The scars that need fixing won’t readily come up to the surface – you need to tend to these wounds by bringing them up in a safe, nurturing environment. Like an explorer lost in the depths of a cave, your clients live inside the depths of their minds, unable to see the exit toward healing until you light the way forward. This happens by uncovering what needs to be healed in art therapy.

Through art-based reflection, you will uncover insights, challenge limiting assumptions, and expand their perspectives.

One study done in Canada found that:

1-hour painting sessions for 63 days led to a significant reduction in ALL of the patients’ following symptoms:

  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Depression

Proven Science Meets Creative Expression in Evidence-Based Art Therapy

Whether you’re a professional painter or someone who considers themselves a terrible artist, there’s only one question to ask to know if this course is for you: Do you view healing the human spirit as your life’s greatest work?

Our insightful modules blend psychology, neuroscience, and hands-on artistic activities that will help you not only understand the foundational theories behind art therapy, but the practical application.

Art therapy has been proven to effectively reduce symptoms of various conditions including Generalized Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, and even chronic pain in cancer patients. Ultimately, the benefits are twofold: experience a transformative journey for yourself and be able to transfer that transformation onto others with your new lifelong knowledge.

From intuitive painting to freeform drawing, our all-you-need course will teach you how to use creative techniques to help others identify, express, and solve challenges.

Through color psychology and other tactics, you’ll learn how to interpret your clients’ symbolic expressions and use their art as a way to go deeper into their nature.

Art therapy isn’t just for temporary relief, it’s for self-exploration that gives birth to long-lasting transformation.

Sculpt Your Success with Accessible, Flexible Training

We believe that becoming certified should be enjoyable and enriching – not just another item on your to-do list. Like an artist, you can mold your practice into what you’ve always dreamed it could be with a flexible, accessible, and applicable certification.

Your educational aspirations should never be out of reach or have to be put on hold. With our hands-on online portal, you’ll have 24/7 access to all you’ll need to become certified. With textbook and audio formats, learning can happen anytime, anywhere, and progress takes place at your pace.

The teachings will give you the ever-lasting, priceless skill of healing through art therapy, whether it be for your own journey of self-discovery, your clients, or your friends & family.

Your Gateway to Healing Beyond Traditional Methods

Art therapy is as versatile as it is transformational, allowing certified and aspiring coaches and therapists to extend their modalities far beyond the four corners of their office. Due to its effectiveness, it is often used in hospital settings, corporate environments, and schools to promote well-being. From young children to seniors, art therapy is not merely a job, but a proven force for positive change. Let your passion for healing flourish without limits.

Whether you’re starting your own practice, broadening the services you offer, or initiating a rebrand, you deserve the deep satisfaction of helping clients in ways that others cannot.

Imagine being a practitioner who…

  • Shows clients what they didn’t know they needed to be shown.
  • Has all the tools you need to facilitate deep transformations on command.
  • Knows each session ends in an eye-opening, life-changing breakthrough.

Recognized by:

Internationally Recognised by:

538 Students

Best Seller

Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certification

Original price was: US$490.97.Current price is: US$97.90.

80% Off - Limited Offer

Elevate Your Healing Powers: Facilitate Breakthroughs, Reduce Stress, and Heal Clients Through Transformative Art Therapy
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Take a Peek into Our Course Curriculum

Simply click on the module titles to uncover the wealth of knowledge within each course segment.

A client’s intentions determine how your art-integrated coaching should proceed. But is the client’s stated goal his or her real intention for the coaching sessions? 

In this fourth module, you will learn: 

  • The importance of true intentions and how it can be articulated through art therapy
  • How to use art techniques to draw out a client’s intentions
  • How to ease a client’s apprehensions about using art therapy techniques
  • What kinds of questions to ask during coaching that uses art techniques

Integrating art therapy techniques in your life coaching sessions can be life-changing for you and your client. To this, you need to learn the basics of life coaching and art therapy.

In this second module, you will learn the foundational principles of coach and art therapy, as well as:

  • Explore the creative process in therapy 
  • Appreciate the power of art as a form of expression 
  • Understand the role of a coach  
  • Explore the benefits of integrating art and coaching techniques 
  • Enhance the client’s self-awareness and self-expression through art 
  • Provide a perfect working space for clients 
  • Select appropriate art materials and supplies

To effectively use art therapy techniques in your coaching sessions, you need to be familiar with what colors and shapes mean to us as individuals and as groups of people. Knowing these significant meanings could provide keys to your client’s inner world.

In this third module, you will learn: 

  • The deeper meanings of certain shapes
  • The symbolism of colors in various ancient civilizations 
  • The effect of cultural, environmental, and historical significance of certain colors
  • The emotional effects of different colors
  • How doing art through certain mediums affect people in particular ways
  • That matching the client’s needs with the medium they’ll use could enhance the coaching and therapeutic experience.

A client’s intentions determine how your art-integrated coaching should proceed. But is the client’s stated goal his or her real intention for the coaching sessions? 

In this fourth module, you will learn: 

  • The importance of true intentions and how it can be articulated through art therapy
  • How to use art techniques to draw out a client’s intentions
  • How to ease a client’s apprehensions about using art therapy techniques
  • What kinds of questions to ask during coaching that uses art techniques

Having your client create art to express themselves and communicate what they find hard to verbalize is valuable in your life coaching. Learn how to facilitate an art therapy session, step by step.

In this fifth module, you will learn how to:

  • Create a safe and nurturing space where the client can be vulnerable and express themselves verbally and through their art free from any judgment and or criticism. 
  • Establish trust, confidentiality, and non-judgment for a good life coach–client relationship. 
  • Effectively analyze and interpret the client’s artwork through attentive observation. 
  • Use knowledge about metaphor, symbolisms, themes and how they connect with life. 
  • Help your client process what they just expressed, connect it with their current state and situation, and align it with their stated intentions to facilitate their personal growth. 

Integrating art therapy techniques into your life coaching sessions will help your clients look at themselves more deeply and express themselves better. Here, you will learn how to integrate such techniques into your sessions.

In this sixth module, you will learn how to use art techniques to:

  • Set goals and do action planning 
  • Create visual representations of their dreams and goals 
  • Facilitate self-exploration and reflection on values 
  • Help them organize information 
  • Do mind mapping to help gain clarity, identify potential barriers, set goals, and develop action steps towards achieving those goals 
  • Help clients track their progress and action steps towards previously set goals

When coaching or counseling children and young people, you’ll need to take extra care because of their unique sensitivities. This is why art therapy is especially effective with them, allowing them to communicate what is difficult to express verbally.

In this seventh module, you will learn:

  • How to use art therapy with children and young people
  • The benefits of using art therapy with children
  • Guidelines in coaching children with art therapy
  • What to avoid while coaching children
  • Particular art techniques you can use in your coaching session with children.

As a life coach, you will eventually have clients who have experienced or are experiencing personal trauma. While you have to refer those with severe trauma to the proper professionals, you can help clients with milder forms of trauma through coaching that uses art therapy techniques.

This eighth module will teach you:

  • What is trauma and PTSD
  • How art therapy techniques can help treat trauma
  • What therapeutic mechanisms are involved in the use of art therapy for traumatized clients 
  • How to facilitate art therapy sessions for traumatized clients
  • The ethical guidelines in using art therapy in coaching.

As with children, the elderly and the mentally ill need special care when you coach them because of their unique conditions. Though you have to refer those with mental illnesses to the proper professionals, you can coach those with mild mental issues to cope with their condition.

In this ninth module, you will learn:

  • The different focus of art therapy for elderly clients compared to other clients
  • Physical-biological and psychosocial changes the elderly go through that could trigger negative emotions
  • The benefits art therapy provides to elderly clients
  • A broad view of mental illness and the history of spontaneous artwork by the mentally ill
  • Descriptions of these sample mental illnesses and how art therapy could help people who have them.
  • Required qualities of the therapist or coach

One of the essential components and benefits of art therapy is mindfulness, that is, the ability to focus and set aside distractions. You will now go deeper into this essential component that could help your client achieve his or her goals. You will also explore other non-visual art therapy techniques.

In this tenth module, you will:

  • Explore the importance of mindfulness in coaching, therapy, and in everyday life
  • Learn how art therapy that promotes mindfulness can benefit clients
  • Learn how to coach your clients to practice mindfulness, even without art techniques
  • Explore other art therapy techniques like clay sculpting, diorama making, dance therapy, dramatherapy, and music therapy

If you want to integrate art therapy techniques into your life coaching sessions, you have to have a wide selection of art therapy techniques that you can choose from to fit the profile of your client. This would help ensure that your client’s intentions are met in the most effective way.

In this eleventh module, you will learn:

  • Why it’s important to have a wide selection of art-related exercises you can use in your sessions 
  • Art therapy exercises to use with different people and when addressing different challenges 
  • Tools to make sure each session is based on the individual needs, preferences, and therapeutic goals of a client 
  • Unconventional activities, to keep sessions fresh and interesting

To further equip you in your life coaching through art, we have provided you with more art therapy exercises that you can use. This way, you will have more to choose from, enabling you to customize your sessions with your clients.

In this twelfth module, you will:

  • Learn more art therapy techniques that you can use in your life coaching sessions
  • Have a short summary of the Life Coaching Through Art Course
  • Take an exam that, if you pass, grants you a certification in art therapy



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Inspiring Students Stories

Klara Ross
1 Review
Oct 11, 2023

Worth Every Bit of Effort

Don't hesitate at all. The effort is absolutely worth it. Whether you're looking for an introduction, to build a solid foundation, or to get serious and in-depth training, you won't be disappointed. The courses are comprehensive and very clear; you can even delve deeper into the specialty of your choice. It's a real gem!

Josephine Elliott
1 Review
Oct 27, 2023

Thrilled with My Learning Journey

I want to thank you because I am extremely satisfied with my two courses: 'Positive Psychology' and 'Therapeutic Art Practitioner'. The courses are very well-written, detailed, and easy to understand. It's truly a joy to immerse myself in learning your material and envisioning all that I can offer to my future patients or clients.

Aubree Wells
3 Review
Feb 20, 2024

Training That Sparks Curiosity

I'm continuing to progress in the training that sparks my curiosity and answers my questions about hypnosis. The journey is enriching, stimulating, and the course is well-structured with an emphasis on 'practice.' THANK YOU for the quality of your teaching that blends theory and practice. Sincerely

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